How to Manage your E-Mail ?


Did you ever feel over whelmed by the number of unread mails in your inbox ? We tend to subscribe to every tempting service and end up cursing their automated mails later. I want to be honest and say “It happens to me every time I open my Gmail account”. A small correction, it happened to me until recently when I could not tolerate the pile of unnecessary emails and took some serious action to sort out and cleanse my inbox. I had noticed that my inbox had 8300+ mails and greater than 99 percent of them are not useful to me in any possible way. I selected all the mails, unchecked some important ones, took a deep breath and clicked the trash icon. Boom! It felt as if I was more lighter than before. I want to share those techniques with you people. Hope you release your anchors for a smoother sail .

Problems associated with clutter full inbox :

a. You may miss an important email (or emails) in the ocean of unrelated mails

b. As soon as you open your account in the morning, you may feel bogged down by the quantity of junk mails

c. Not all services are necessary (studies show that more than 98 % emails are irrelevant and redundant)

d. It eats up your most valuable possession i.e your time

and plenty more..

Managing  email-over-load and inbox better :

 Unsubscribe to every service that you do not require

This is the first step and it is a pretty easy task. Go through your inbox and open an unwanted mail.  At the end of the message there is a an option called “Unsubscribe”. Click that and you will never receive any mail from that company or service.

 Delete all the unsubscribed mails 

Never execute this step before the first step because if you don’t unsubscribe you will keep receiving junk even after deleting all their mails. Generally the default mails that a page shows is 50 in Gmail. To increase that go to settings and change it to 100 per page and save those changes. In the search box, search for that particular unsubscribed service(say amazon). You will get all the mails related to it(like amazon offers,etc). Then keep clicking “check(tick) all mails” option in the page and trashing them. Just kill them all. Have no mercy!

Time for unimportant mails

Congrats by now you might have cleared at least 90% of your inbox. Now time to decorate your room by sweeping away the dust. Unimportant mails are those which are not service or company related but those messages which you once required but not necessarily important now. Examples include the mail that you had sent to Pizza-hut for poor delivery feed back or a conversation with your ex-colleague,etc. Be selective while trashing them because some mails are required for evidence if any issue crops up all of a sudden. After the second step, keep selecting “check all” but before you trash them, once give a cursory glance at every mail and “uncheck” the important ones and then click trash. When you weed out bric-a-brac plants from your backyard it is equally important to save the healthy shrubs, wonderful lilies & beautiful roses

Release the fear of emergencies

Most people have the compulsive habit of checking and rechecking their mail every now and then. I call them mail addicts . They read every email , spend at least a couple of minutes to every non-sensical email and then preserve it. Avoid that, be ruthless with email. Damages can be reversible most of the times. Stars are not going to fall if you don’t read your mail. Keep a specific time in a day and read all your email at that point only. Practice the habit of opening your gmail or yahoo only once a day and that too for 5 to 10 mins only. Slowly increase that period to days and weeks. Seriously and Trust me. Nothing will happen. In-fact you will be 5 times more productive and a lot more relieved. You need not reply people instantaneously. Let them wait. After-all your life is more important than that of others. Simplify your life!!

–Raviteja Visakoti

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