5 smart ways to use a smart phone


A day without smartphone is something which we cannot even imagine of. Smartphones have crept so deep into our lives that it is now one of the most basic accessories (on par with clothing !). But again many people advice to stay away from this gadget because of the time you kill and fritter away on continous social networking and mindless instant gaming(thanks to games like candy crush and temple run!!) . Well, I would say it is a double edged sword and it all depends on how well you use it to make your day more efficient .

Let us look at some of the more uncommon and productive ways of using a smart phone to make the most of it.

1. Brain training apps : There are some awesome cognitive exercise applications of solid quality like Lumosity and Elevate – but you have to shell out a few bucks to obtain them and I can promise it is worth more than the money you pay to get it.
You can try their demo versions as well, but my advice is to buy them. Next time instead of playing candy crush, suppress your temptations and try one of them or both for that matter.


2. Sticky notes and calendar : I already mentioned in my previous articles about prioritizing tasks and to act accordingly, well everyone does not like to carry a mini note pad, instead you can use apps like sticky notes and the default calender app which can greatly simplify your day.Next time don’t grumble that you forgot to do a specific task-just jot it down in your app and assign time.


3. E books : The uses of possessing and reading an E-book are multi-fold, firstly you can get them at a cost lower than a physical book and second (main) advantage is portability, you can read an e-book where ever you want-whether you are in a crowded local train or waiting to meet somebody, just open your mobile and read on.


4. Be on the go : I can say this is the biggest advantage of all, you can always be on the go with information (literally about anything) on your palm but again not everyone who has a smartphone uses mobile data instead they always rely on WiFi . Instead spend a few dollars on mobile data and use it whenever there is no WiFi available. Remember you are never lost in this world with a smart phone in your hand that is connected to the internet.


5. Switch it off  : Yes you read it right. Even though it is smart, you don’t need a smartphone 24*7. Just keep this simple rule at the back of your brain- Don’t use it when you don’t require it . When it is time to sleep just sleep, don’t gaze at your smartphone and play folly games or browse unnecessary websites, just put it aside and sleep happily !


– Raviteja Visakoti


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