10 Simple ways to Simplify your life (Part 2)

6. Decide now itself what’s truly important – Jot down all the activities that you do in a typical day . Now trust me and be ruthless for a minute . Keep only the 10 most important things and strike out the rest , do them only if those very important 10 are completed.

7. Save time for yourself – We are so busy and trapped in your day to day over loaded schedules that we don’t have a couple of minutes to spend in serenity. Allocate 1hr everyday for yourself and don’t let any person or activity disturb it . Use that time for relaxing, contemplation and reflection.

8. Don’t let the focus of your life get disturbed  – Keep exploring the world but never let your focus get ruptured or affected in anyway .Be wary of  emotional disturbances in relationships and personal problems, manage them effectively and ensure that they don’t spoil your focus .

9. Stop comparing and contrasting your progress – Every painter is unique and so does his painting , similarly every person is unique and so is his/her beautiful life and his/her works. Acknowledge and appreciate your strengths. Identify your weakness so you can go beyond them. Embrace your uniqueness and achieve greatness with it.

10. Don’t try to do everything by yourself – There are some powers which are far too powerful than us. Take their help . God and nature will help you . Do your best and rest leave it to them , they will take you to the destination for sure and also more quickly than you expected.

– Raviteja Visakoti


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