How to stick to a Regime (Part-2)

(Continued from part-1)

Be Unconventional : One book I can advise you on living an unconventional life is The Art of Non- Conformity by Chris Guillebeau. He is an avid supporter of unconventional life style (If you have not heard of him, I would strongly recommend to google his name, you will be amazed about what he has achieved). Just remember there is no fixed pattern to success, if you believe something will work and it is against the normal structure, just do it. You need not fear until your gut feeling is with you. The same is in the case of regime following. No need of inflexible and rigid plans have a simple overall plan and keep your main objective to not to waste time.

Routine is boring but stick to it : Many people do not taste success because the path which leads to it is monotonous and boring. (Hey! if it is entertaining everyone would go after it). You have to realize that it is going to be extremely boring in the journey towards success. There will be tiny countless efforts which people don’t even recognize but are vitally important. You have to go through many hardships and insults before you touch the flag of glory.

Keep expanding your comfort zone but slowly : The measure of success is not by the size of your leap but by the duration of your stride. Before you want to jump start to walk first. Start small and progress continuously, slowly expand your comfort zone. You can stick to the regime only if you feel good by your advancements. And one more thing- please do not be in a hurry because this is not a race. Identify your strengths (so that you can enhance them) and weaknesses (so that you can go beyond them).

Be wary of feedback : Taking feedback is important but not at the cost of others’ opinion drowning your spirit. I seriously believe we are what we believe and think we are. If someone criticizes or gives feedback to you analyse the information carefully, think for a while and verify the genuineness of it with your sensibility(Generally, people who love you criticize or give feedback so as to help and make you better). Then decide whether that person is trying to help or destroy you. If it is help then listen and improve accordingly otherwise discard immediately.

Raviteja Visakoti


How to stick to a Regime? (Part-1)

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Do not try to Perfectionate : When you want to achieve something just go ahead with the process, do not think about the minority of the cases and worry. Consider the example where you want to loose weight in the next 120 days. Inadvertently you will encounter days where you have to go to a function or a get-together-brunch and end up eating against the diet plan and let us assume there may be 10 days of unexpected events of the total planned 120 days. Implying, the total available execution time is approximately equal to 92 percent. Some people constantly consider the unexpected 8 percent and try to perfectionate their plan and fail to execute the major pie. So rather than worrying about the 8 percent why not execute the 92 percent correctly.

Forget about the outcome and concentrate on the Process : If there is one biggest enemy to success then it is too much positive fantasizing. The disadvantages to it are many fold. Firstly if you build castles in the air without actually achieving them, there is less motivation to do it because you feel you already achieved it and you tend to do less work than actually needed. Next if you only concentrate on the outcome (mostly positive one) you are less likely to deal with the obstacles that are sure to come in the process. From next time imagine the process not the outcome.(to be continued tomorrow)

-Raviteja Visakoti

You are not powerless

Sometimes you feel completely powerless. It is as if you are under a curse, you start to doubt your gifted abilities and hard work. You think someone or something deleted your powers. Nothing works out, you vile away tons of time worrying doing nothing, nothing and nothing. Simultaneously the combination of guilt, regret, anger and frustration starts eating you from inside. Resistance kicks in. The devil starts playing with you. You “feel” you have no choice but to become a slave of it. Fear starts snowballing.

I am in the same position from the last 20 to 30 days. Somethings did not work out as planned. I started to cower. I felt this is not the true me. Failure, health attacks, personal problems- one after the other ransacked me. I felt like giving up and thought of going into the comfort zone. I was unable to motivate myself. I felt so incapacitated I could not even update my blog. I was deeply discouraged. Words did not flow out from mind to my fingers so I can type them. Something stopped me. I felt totally powerless. I know it is the evil resistance which is haunting me down right. It has the perfect battlefield where I am falling.

Wait ! …(A deep voice inside me told)  “You are not this”…” You are powerful”.. “All this is happening for a reason and in fact a good reason”.. “Defeat that evil now… be courageous … now is the perfect time”…”There is no courage unless you are scared”.  I listened to my inner voice. I closely observed what happened to me. There is a lot of positive in it. And so much to learn. I waged a war against Resistance and its allies. I felt good. I feel a lot more better. I could write now and I could do all the things I know I can do. I know the war is not over.

But I am fighting.

-Raviteja Visakoti

The Art of Self-Control (Technique One)

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For any great work to be accomplished one of the basic ingredients is Self-Control, it is not about the end product that you have to discipline yourself but instead it is about the serenity and inner calmness that you get while you practice Self-Control. From my experience I could figure out some techniques which can be used to inculcate self-control to a comfortable degree.

The Technique

Use “The non-dominant” : Right from our childhood we are hardwired to use the dominant parts of our bodies, from next time try using left hand for brushing,  sweeping your floor and texting your friend. Instead of going in the same route everyday take a different route even if it means a detour(do not worry about a few milliliters of petrol/gas that is going to get wasted). The main idea behind these activities is you become aware and get attentive when you practice these non conventional activities. Brain doesn’t think too much while executing habitual actions and thereby reducing redundancy, this in fact is a great boon otherwise we have to concentrate for even the most basic of actions like drinking water and brushing our teeth but this also cultivates laziness in oneself because slowly the brain starts to draw patterns and classify life styles thereby reducing thought process and changing us into robotic behavior.

Brain is a complex network of neurons inter connected in mysterious ways but years of inefficient habits, fixedness and routinisation leaves many swathes of your neuron areas untouched and clogged (where proper connections are not formed and no free flow of blood) but when you try completely new and uncomfortable things more number of connections will form and thereby more neural pathways get cleared.

As I already said the heart of self control is being aware, attentive and keen observance of the thought process rather than being a slave to emotions.The above technique helps you achieve that.

– Raviteja Visakoti

Look for the hints

When surmounted by insuperable difficulties, take cognizance of some important things, God is trying to show you the way, recollect Nietzsche’s words “What Does not kill me makes me stronger.” There is always light at the end of the tunnel. It is not a bad phase, it is the golden phase that is embedded inside, but you have to search inwards, you have to dig deep, you have to understand what the almighty is trying to convey you.

It is extremely difficult to hold on to your ideals and beliefs when everything is falling apart. You doubt your own power, your caliber, your decisions and all that is associated with you. That is where courage comes into play – you cannot be courageous unless there is fear that is passing through your spine. Remember anyone can be a hero, be happy and hopeful during normal times and when everything is going fine but only a true champion of life is hopeful and strong when the odds are against him.

This is a one way journey to the path of legendary victory, if you give up now all your efforts loose value within no time-it is an insult to your hard work and commitment. Channelize your energy, channelize your anger – anger due to loss, anger due to the things which are not in your control, anger due to a failure which you felt was not fair. Keep channelizing and focusing. Look at what God is trying to show you. There is magic in situations.

– Raviteja Visakoti 

Thank you

Today “StartHabit” has reached readers from 65 countries across the globe. Thank you very much for this amazing love and support. This victory is yours, truly you the readers (3,400 subscribers) have made this blog an amazing place to get motivated and feel energised . You made me to write, you made the flow of articles from my heart.

When I first started this blog, I never thought it would reach a reader base of this size and this diverse range of countries within a short span of time, slowly starthabit transcended frontiers and continues to do so.

I hope you continue to repose faith in me and also starthabit continues to inspire people all over the world. This is just the first step of a life time journey and I assure you, I will keep publishing articles till the end of my life. StartHabit never stops!! .
Thank you once again..

– Raviteja Visakoti