Look for the hints

When surmounted by insuperable difficulties, take cognizance of some important things, God is trying to show you the way, recollect Nietzsche’s words “What Does not kill me makes me stronger.” There is always light at the end of the tunnel. It is not a bad phase, it is the golden phase that is embedded inside, but you have to search inwards, you have to dig deep, you have to understand what the almighty is trying to convey you.

It is extremely difficult to hold on to your ideals and beliefs when everything is falling apart. You doubt your own power, your caliber, your decisions and all that is associated with you. That is where courage comes into play – you cannot be courageous unless there is fear that is passing through your spine. Remember anyone can be a hero, be happy and hopeful during normal times and when everything is going fine but only a true champion of life is hopeful and strong when the odds are against him.

This is a one way journey to the path of legendary victory, if you give up now all your efforts loose value within no time-it is an insult to your hard work and commitment. Channelize your energy, channelize your anger – anger due to loss, anger due to the things which are not in your control, anger due to a failure which you felt was not fair. Keep channelizing and focusing. Look at what God is trying to show you. There is magic in situations.

– Raviteja Visakoti 


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