How to stick to a Regime? (Part-1)

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Do not try to Perfectionate : When you want to achieve something just go ahead with the process, do not think about the minority of the cases and worry. Consider the example where you want to loose weight in the next 120 days. Inadvertently you will encounter days where you have to go to a function or a get-together-brunch and end up eating against the diet plan and let us assume there may be 10 days of unexpected events of the total planned 120 days. Implying, the total available execution time is approximately equal to 92 percent. Some people constantly consider the unexpected 8 percent and try to perfectionate their plan and fail to execute the major pie. So rather than worrying about the 8 percent why not execute the 92 percent correctly.

Forget about the outcome and concentrate on the Process : If there is one biggest enemy to success then it is too much positive fantasizing. The disadvantages to it are many fold. Firstly if you build castles in the air without actually achieving them, there is less motivation to do it because you feel you already achieved it and you tend to do less work than actually needed. Next if you only concentrate on the outcome (mostly positive one) you are less likely to deal with the obstacles that are sure to come in the process. From next time imagine the process not the outcome.(to be continued tomorrow)

-Raviteja Visakoti


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