Hello, Firstly thank you for visiting. My name is Raviteja Visakoti and I am the creator & writer of this blog. These are not just self-help articles but instead they come under the category of “Self-Help with a difference.”

StartHabit is about changing the simple things in our day to day lives to bring about happy changes that last forever. I am not a Jeff Bezos or a Billgates to advice everyone on success and inspiration but I have failed many a time when setting goals and completing tasks so I intend to share my experience in my quest to personal mastery so that other people can learn both from my mistakes and success. I am completely open to feedback and I will update articles as frequently as possible and hope that they truly bring a change in your lives. Every word that I write is right from the bottom of my heart and of my own experience. Once again Thank you. Happy Reading

For anything, if at all, you want to contact me, you can directly ping me on Raviteja,
I would be delighted to reply and help you to the extent I can.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. What a site buddy I love this , last year i felt like i was fit for nothing but after reading articles in your blog i really felt motivated and achieved a lot in my life again.Love you..will meet you .


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