“Everything happens for a reason” conundrum


I believe everything happens for a reason. Every event that takes place in my life makes me realise who I am. Sometimes the smallest of conversations help me to solve some of the big issues that I face. I believe every obstacle I encounter is a camouflaged blessing for a greater cause. My belief reinforced when I listened to Steve Jobs in his prominent Stanford speech where he emphasised the concept of “Connecting the dots.” If you haven’t watched it yet please do watch and come back to this article, it is better to understand the essence of that by listening to the legend himself.

Some people always complain that things aren’t working out in their lives, in other words- they are not able to connect the dots. If you are not open to the clues that nature is trying to give then nothing can help you. Everything happens for a reason stands valid only if you are serious in pursuing your goals, only if you are truly committed to your ambitions. There is a power in this world and that always helps you when you give your best in that endeavor but not when you sit like a lazy brat and fiddle away valuable time watching Star Movies and eating mojos.

Be open minded and amenable, Be a good listener and open to correction, at the same time don’t get swayed away by others’ opinions.You should take the final call. Sometimes your likes and dislikes may change, but the “goal” and the “main plan” should never change. For example, if you want to become financially free in 10 years and travel around the world to explore life, you should not let that be compromised at any cost. There can be diversions in the path, sometimes you have to take detours and act according to the circumstances but the plan should be intact. The world is evolving at an exponential rate but there are some basic principles that are eternal and you can reach your destination more comfortably if you are in sync with those principles.

Raviteja Visakoti

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