Stay Healthy with these 5 simple Hacks (with Info-graphic)


If there is a Genie in front of you (Remember the good old days when we used to watch Aladdin) and if you could ask for only magical favor you should ask for immense and super robust health. Because if you are hale and healthy you can literally achieve anything. Without a healthy metabolism it is not possible to stay motivated and work hard even if you have indomitable spirits in you. In pursuit of success it is equally important to keep yourself in good fettle. So how do we do that because we don’t possess nor can have an Aladdin Lamp. I have tried some techniques which worked and the below ones are my favorites :

Include exercise : There is no point of following a diet if you do not include physical effort in it. What is the use of driving a silver BMW if you are a fat man? You should look pleased to your eyes. I agree we cannot change what God has blessed us with but I am not talking about the fairness or any other unchangeable physical quality. I am talking about what we can maintain and improve. For example physical fitness or more accurately a flat and fit belly. I can promise you that you will be 10x more confident and feel more worthy of yourself if you reduce your girth even by 20 percent. There are numerous other benefits with a good workout. Research proved that while exercising and after that brain releases something called “Happy Hormones” which can keep you cheerful throughout the day. Select any time slot and make a habit to stick to it. I personally stick to playing 60 to 80 mins in the evening of Badminton or Cricket no matter what. I cancel appointments or rewrite schedules to accommodate those wonderful minutes of intense gaming.

Chew Food : Never be in a hurry while you are eating. Though sounds archaic, always prefer dining table to eat even for the basic of routine consumptions like an evening fruit salad or oat cereal. The importance of doing so increases your mindfulness while eating and therefore better chewing. Enjoy what you are eating and relish every bit of it. The first process of digestion starts in the mouth so why not do it correctly. Body starts to assimilate the nutrients in the food only when it is properly digested and the food is properly digested only if it is properly chewed!

Stay Hydrated : Water is needed to keep the engines of metabolism running. Some people say drink water when you are thirsty and some say drink water at all times. There is little truth in both of them. You should drink adequate water (neither too much nor too little).  Allocate specific times and stick to it. My personal suggestion would be to drink 12 glasses or Approximately 3 Liters of water for a healthy adult.

Reduce Junk : People damage their valuable blood pumping machine to satiate a mere 3 cm tongue. There is no more dangerous enemy to health than junk food. Pastries, Pizzas, French Fries, Doughnuts and Burgers  undoubtedly tantalize your sensory buds on tongue but simultaneously reduce the life span your most important organs. These foods not only have abnormal levels of oil in them but also have salts and sugars in dangerous amounts which should be avoided like poison. It is also known that foods with high salts and sugars cause premature ageing and wrinkles. After all why does your skin want junk ?. Replace highly dangerous junk with their healthy and natural counterparts. For Example- Drink sugarcane juice instead of artificial sugar-stuffed carbonated drinks.

Keep a Cheat Day : You cannot continue to practice strict regime without a break in between. A cheat day is a time which you should allocate periodically to rejuvenate your taste buds. It is impossible for any body to continue with zero junk for years together until he is a sage of kind. Gap between cheat days generally varies from 7 days to 200 days. I advise you to start with a 4 day gap. As I always advice, never try to do too much at first . On your cheat day eat and drink anything that you want so that you do not loose motivation to continue your health regime. Slowly increase your power to allocate more number of days in between successive cheat days. The greater the number of days in between the greater your self-control and more importantly the better your health. Famous WWE wrestler and Hollywood actor Dwayne Smith(also called “The Rock”) waits for 173 days for a cheat day, no doubt he has an awesome physique!

–Raviteja Visakoti

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