How to stick to a Regime (Part-2)

(Continued from part-1)

Be Unconventional : One book I can advise you on living an unconventional life is The Art of Non- Conformity by Chris Guillebeau. He is an avid supporter of unconventional life style (If you have not heard of him, I would strongly recommend to google his name, you will be amazed about what he has achieved). Just remember there is no fixed pattern to success, if you believe something will work and it is against the normal structure, just do it. You need not fear until your gut feeling is with you. The same is in the case of regime following. No need of inflexible and rigid plans have a simple overall plan and keep your main objective to not to waste time.

Routine is boring but stick to it : Many people do not taste success because the path which leads to it is monotonous and boring. (Hey! if it is entertaining everyone would go after it). You have to realize that it is going to be extremely boring in the journey towards success. There will be tiny countless efforts which people don’t even recognize but are vitally important. You have to go through many hardships and insults before you touch the flag of glory.

Keep expanding your comfort zone but slowly : The measure of success is not by the size of your leap but by the duration of your stride. Before you want to jump start to walk first. Start small and progress continuously, slowly expand your comfort zone. You can stick to the regime only if you feel good by your advancements. And one more thing- please do not be in a hurry because this is not a race. Identify your strengths (so that you can enhance them) and weaknesses (so that you can go beyond them).

Be wary of feedback : Taking feedback is important but not at the cost of others’ opinion drowning your spirit. I seriously believe we are what we believe and think we are. If someone criticizes or gives feedback to you analyse the information carefully, think for a while and verify the genuineness of it with your sensibility(Generally, people who love you criticize or give feedback so as to help and make you better). Then decide whether that person is trying to help or destroy you. If it is help then listen and improve accordingly otherwise discard immediately.

Raviteja Visakoti


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