The Art of Self-Control (Technique One)

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For any great work to be accomplished one of the basic ingredients is Self-Control, it is not about the end product that you have to discipline yourself but instead it is about the serenity and inner calmness that you get while you practice Self-Control. From my experience I could figure out some techniques which can be used to inculcate self-control to a comfortable degree.

The Technique

Use “The non-dominant” : Right from our childhood we are hardwired to use the dominant parts of our bodies, from next time try using left hand for brushing,  sweeping your floor and texting your friend. Instead of going in the same route everyday take a different route even if it means a detour(do not worry about a few milliliters of petrol/gas that is going to get wasted). The main idea behind these activities is you become aware and get attentive when you practice these non conventional activities. Brain doesn’t think too much while executing habitual actions and thereby reducing redundancy, this in fact is a great boon otherwise we have to concentrate for even the most basic of actions like drinking water and brushing our teeth but this also cultivates laziness in oneself because slowly the brain starts to draw patterns and classify life styles thereby reducing thought process and changing us into robotic behavior.

Brain is a complex network of neurons inter connected in mysterious ways but years of inefficient habits, fixedness and routinisation leaves many swathes of your neuron areas untouched and clogged (where proper connections are not formed and no free flow of blood) but when you try completely new and uncomfortable things more number of connections will form and thereby more neural pathways get cleared.

As I already said the heart of self control is being aware, attentive and keen observance of the thought process rather than being a slave to emotions.The above technique helps you achieve that.

– Raviteja Visakoti

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