10 Simple ways to Simplify your life(Part 1)

Have you ever thought you are being bogged down by too many tasks and still felt incomplete? I know you know the answer : it is because the moment the alarm clock starts waking us in the morning we are compelled to do many tasks and in this over busy schedule we forget to identify and complete the main tasks. As I already mentioned in my previous articles that only 30 % of our tasks are crucial and the rest are way too trivial or in other words “sky is not gonna fall if you don’t do them”.
Now let us examine the 10 main things which I believe that can drastically simplify and enhance the quality of your life , if there are any which you feel that are missing from the list please feel free to drop them in the comments section below ..I would be delighted if you do so

1.Cut down social networking by half and keep doing that – I am not not averse to social networking and I do really love some of its splendid features, also I appreciate the way it has revolutionised the way we communicate but there is a flipside to it as well ,when you are social networking you try too much to be other than your natural self and while doing so you dissipate a lot of internal energy (which is neither measured in joules nor calories but can only be felt ). For example you feel a lot more empty when you social network in Facebook for 1hr than doing something worthwhile. Just cut it down now and feel the “you”

2.Spend quality time with your family :
Next time instead of watching TV while having dinner or breakfast , shut it down and talk with your family , share the past happy moments , talk about the silly fight between you and your little sister . Whatever might be the topic just sit around the table with your parents and siblings and spend quality time . I can assure you that you will be far more satisfied than glancing at random channels.

3.Learn to say No: Don’t feel guilty when you say no to a request. If you feel that it comes in your way and eats up your time just reply them with a polite and clear NO. I am not saying you to be selfish , be helpful but do not impose others tasks on you and get consumed. As Steve jobs said your time is limited and don’t spend it living some one else life.

4. Identify urgent and important tasks and first do the important ones : Sounds contradictory? let me explain you with an analogy – suppose it is 30th of a month and morning 9 am and say a person named ABC has to pay the electricity bill by evening 7 pm , but he also has an important project which has to be submitted in a week’s time. Now project work is the important work and bill payment is the urgent one. I think I need not explain further !

5.Have a direction and a sense of purpose and associate all activities towards it :
Don’t live life just like that , have a purpose or meaning. In other words have a direction and concentrate all your efforts in that direction and enjoy that journey towards your goal.

(to be continued in second part)

– Raviteja Visakoti

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