Professional vs Amateur (Part 2)

Continued From Part-1 Resistance is all pervasive, it immediately pops up whenever you want to answer your inner voice . Whether you want to eat healthy food, complete your assignment or attend to the most important task, resistance comes into play, unleashes its powers and tries its best to ensure that you don’t succeed in doing so . In the most basic terms, it is a crushing force – a demon set to stop us from pursuing and completing our important goals and duties . Some people call it laziness, some call it procrastination but remember these are just the various manifestations of the parent body “Resistance”. Playing golf when you have an exam tomorrow is also resistance . Whatever may be the name , understand the essence and acknowledge its presence in you . It is an evil more dangerous than your most dangerous enemies, it is more poisonous than cyanide .I can confidently say resistance is the root cause of all the problems in the world , literally “all” . Many people say to us, do what you love and do it often , but how to identify what we love ? Here is a simple technique – The Greater the Resistance to do it , the greater the love and greater the inner calling . Sounds contradictory right! but it is an absolute truth . let me cite you an example , I love writing and I think it is my inner calling to go on and pursue it but I feel the greatest resistance towards it , sometimes I even doubt whether I am really a writer or not -here resistance has come with its army to discourage me and destroy me . Sometimes I surrender to it and that is the reason I don’t update my blog for days together but sometimes victory is mine like today where I have beheaded that demon. Resistance comes everyday, every second but there is good news, we can defeat it , we can kill that blood sucking vampire but again you have to enter the battlefield everyday (to be frank every minute) to conquer it .In a very concise way “Life is all about defeating resistance and pursuing you inner passion” . Even players like Sachin Tendulkar and Tiger woods are terrified when they get into the field but the difference is they conquer their fears and defeat resistance. There is nothing called fearlessness , it is a fairy word , if you are fearless you are not human it is about acknowledging your fears and conquering them , if you bluff yourself saying you are fearless then you are lost . First acknowledge and feel your fear and then face it head on . I remember an interview of cricketing legend Rahul Dravid who once said “my heart beats faster and I tremble when I get on to play but I immediately condition my mind and conquer my fears and anxiety” . It is not easier to become a  pro and to do what you truly love. Initially you have to do what your pleasure sensors in your body hate to do , then only you can relish the beauty in your work . You believe it or not , but I believe it , there are higher planes of life above all this materialistic humbug , that is the place where people like Beethoven, Picasso and Tiger woods live(at least for sometime) by pursuing their passion and doing the work they love . If you truly want to experience those higher planes immerse yourself in a task you love without worrying about the ramifications. A professional knows it .

A professional knows there is no bad day to start a good thing and ( to be continued in subsequent parts)

– Raviteja Visakoti 

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