Afternoon Nap ( Poetry Genre )


Today’s afternoon nap was something different. I was able to feel that

I could feel the consciousness closing the gates in front of me. I was happily lying in the gardens of subconscious and mischievously looking at them and the process that is going on which finally results into deep sleep. Even though it was just a 20 minute sleep, I could feel infinity in it

Strangely my face with closed eyes got attracted towards the opaque mixed translucent glass framed to the window which is shooting continuous cones of bright sunlight passing through it and my eyes could feel the firendly warm, even after they passed through an inch-sized glass and a decent protection of eyelids, my pupils relished them and I could literally feel it

The rays were making me sleepier and comforting me in utter tranquility accompanied by a beautiful silence in the room & surroundings and disrespecting to not to mention, the nicety of refreshing and bracing weather. There was transcendence to a new level, a higher plane  which generally cannot be expressed in words but must be felt !!

– Raviteja Visakoti 

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