Real Joy

Have you ever started a task and stopped it in the middle or at near finish line? I think it is all pervasive in our day to day lives, I have found the secret (or at least one of the many secrets that have to be uncovered) to true satisfaction and I am thrilled to share it with you.

When I was in 10th class, I got an email(really forget the source) and I can say it is the first one that led me to explore the greater meaning of life, in it was the definition of Happiness : satisfaction is the core of happiness, without satisfaction
there is absolutely no happiness, to put an analogy-it is like a body without soul or a processor less computer. In fact everyday we try to strive for satisfaction knowingly or unknowingly.

And true satisfaction comes from things our inner calling wants us to do and not the artificial call.
Satisfaction comes from achievement(it is a relative term for eg: eating only healthy food for 10 complete days is also an achievement). Satisfaction comes from building lasting relationships. Satisfaction comes from helping people, selflessly serving others, lifting people to their true potential. Satisfaction comes from completing your most important task at the moment. Satisfaction comes from time management and so on and on

Every time you eat junk or drink a soft drink or watch TV, it is not happiness – it is just pleasure. Many people think happiness and pleasure are one and the same, pleasure is dead easy to achieve whereas the path to happiness is the path to glory. There will be difficulties on the way & sometimes you may want to give up but the final reward is always scintillating. Pleasure is temporary and at times very momentary but satisfaction is eternal and real.

Suppose you want to do a task like reading a book for 1 hour daily or walking 2 km to burn fat, to explain a concept or chapter to a friend- anything for that matter which improves the quality of your life and leads to personal mastery requires true diligence, discipline and moving out from comfort zone and once you complete that task, believe me, it gives you a  satisfaction(and thereby happiness) which is infinite times more than what you get when you watch a movie for 2 hrs or eat junk on the road (in fact all that you get is temporary pleasure). All pleasure is not bad but know the difference and be careful for what you strive for.

The secret to true joy is doing what brings satisfaction to heart. At the end of the day, when you are about to sleep on the bed, you should not feel guilty for what you did not do but should be satisfied that you have contributed something  in achieving your goals.

– Raviteja Visakoti 


  1. Very impressive sir 🙂 learning many new things from your articles which we neglect generally in our own lives


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