Why Gossiping is Harmful ?


Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

  • People love to talk about others especially on their misgivings and faults. When I recently went to a local super market two women(X and Y) were talking about a third women(Z) that Z always disrespects them whenever they go to her house, finding it interesting, I acted as if I was searching for some items and stayed in the vicinity of them to get more details of that conversation, after some ten-multiple seconds the conversation slowly got heated up and it was as if they both were in an argument, and in this heated conversation the curses and scoldings slowly got shifted from Z to her son, daughter and husband also. I was unable to take that anymore and speedily went to the billing counter. The reality is the conversation would have been the same even if it was Z with X (or) Z with Y — talking always about the third person who is not present at the site.
  • Always remember that the more you gossip about others the more the number of people gossip about you, there is no scientific validation to that but it is nature and valid. People keep talking about other persons and in reality nobody cares about our lives. As Dale Carnegie said -all a person thinks about 95% of the time is his problems, his life, his interests and his goals. So when you are talking about other person it is simply throwing away your valuable time into a bin.
  • It is good to talk about a person who has done something praiseworthy and to learn from him/her but, at the same time, please do not become envious of that person, it is good to talk about helping someone in a miserable state but not being glad that happened. Stop cursing people and stop having your vengeance with words, there is an anonymous saying-Weak people take revenge, strong people forgive but intelligent people ignore.
  • Simplify your life, do not let your body get filled with negativity and hatred, those who harm you will have their fate met soon, ignore them and concentrate on your personal improvement. Also, NEVER tell your problems to anyone. Lou Holtz humorously put it “20% don’t care about your difficulties and the other 80% are glad you have them in the first place.” So from the next time whenever you get tempted to talk about others(however bad they might be) or about your problems, just pause for a moment and imagine a seal on your mouth and rest leave it to karma, which will take care of everything !

Raviteja Visakoti 


  1. yes sir, unknowingly and unintentionally we sometimes get into gossiping which is a sheer waste of time. But sometimes we lose our temper and we cannot control anymore and burst out which is again harmful to ourselves. So its better we remain calm and composed all the time.


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